Ramsar Convention Sites

Approximately 50 wetlands in Japan are listed as Ramsar site.
There are 8 sites in Six Tohoku prefectures and Niigata prefecture including Hotokenuma in Aomori, Oyama Kami-ike and Shimo-ike in Yamagata, and Oze over Fukushima and Gunma.

In Miyagi prefecture, Izu-numa is particularly famous as Ramsar wetland but we focus Kejo-numa in Furukawa, Osaki City this time.
Despite the image that a Ramsar wetland is situated far from city area in order to clear the strict conditions, Kejo-numa is easy to access.
The nature stretches right after the interchange of Chojahara service area on Tohoku Expressway.

Kejo-numa has the legend of princess.

It is reported that native fish in Kejo-numa is almost wiped out with non-native fish, which accounts for 98.5%.

Knowing that, our family participated in an event getting rid of non-native fish last weekend.

Under threatening skies, we saw black bass fries and bluegills in the set net.

Native fish were only one Ginbuna and two Tamorokob (both belonging to Carp family) and one catfish.

We asked locals what they would do with the fish.
“Black bass, we cook them and eat or use as feed like sardines.”
“Once you catch non-native fish, you must not free them again.”

The man looking far away can see the wetland where native fish were abundant.

According to the above-mentioned report, the number of bean geese visiting Kejo-numa in winter, which was a very reason made the wetland as Ramsar site, decreased over last few years. It is pointed out that people fishing black bass are destructing the nest of geese.
Following that, the first event for citizens to experience catching non-native fish was organized last week.

After fish catching, participants were briefed about native fish and non-native one to better understand the present situation of Kejo-numa.

Local people’s efforts and passion made me decide to participate the event again.
My family members also understand the nature a bit better.

This is a genuine delight offered by tourism of unique experience.

It must be fun for your family members to see what ‘s happening at Kejo-numa this long weekend.
You will feel exited and wondered, and find something new.