Rice Dumplings Flying Over Genbikei Gorge

Genbikei Gorge is in Ichinoseki, the southmost city in Iwate Prefecture.
The gorge has been known as a scenic spot for years and even Date Masamune, the Lord of Date Domain, was proud of the area.
In addition to the natural beauty designated as a special natural monument, one more special thing makes Genbikei famous.

It’s Kakko Dango, which is sweet rice dumplings flying in the sky.

Using a basket moving on the wire between the dumpling store and a small pavilion on the opposite bank, customers put order forms with cash and call the staff by beating a board with a wooden hammer. The staff pulls up the basket and returns it with dumplings in.

Regular paper cups inside the basket have no lid but tea never spills from the cup as experienced hands control.

You should try Kakko Dango when you visit Genbikei Gorge surrounded by the natural beauty loved by the Lord Masamune.


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