River Festival in Ishinomaki from July 31 to August 1; Festivals in Tohoku vol. 9

Leaving my perverse grandpa home, my grandma led me by the hand to the stalls at a river festival in Ishinomaki, each of which I used to check while “star mine” fireworks exited me; it’s my nostalgic recollection.
I didn’t know until I was grown up that the festival started to appreciate the blessings of Kitakamigawa River and in honor of our ancestors.
And now, it’s also for the victims of the 3.11 earthquake as prayers (the photo shows lighted paper lantern set on the river on the eve of the festival.) The traditional festival, which has been continuously held even in the year of the quake, is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

«Let’s Enjoy»
Enjoy the festival fully and support restoration. For the latest information, please visit the website.


The executive committee is aggressively looking for co-sponsors for the festival.