Seasoned & Blackened Eggs Boiled in Hot Spring Water, Specialty at Sai-un-so Villa at Toshichi Onsen Hot Springs

In front of Sai-un-so Villa at Toshichi Onsen hot springs, a panoramic view of magnificent Mt. Iwaki and Hachimantai spreads out.
Outdoor hot spring is a popular feature in this secluded hot spring situated at 1,400 meters above the see-level.

As it’s located on the summit of the Ou Mountains, you can enjoy mountain trekking in addition to the privilege of viewing the sunrise on the eastern side facing Iwate Prefecture and the red sky at sunset on the western side facing Akita Prefecture.

Speaking of Toshichi Onsen, seasoned and blackened eggs boiled in hot spring water are well known.

Solid black appearance is a result of a chemical reaction of iron in the hot spring water and eggshell.

They make good snack or hors d’oeuvre. You should taste at least one during your stay or buy some for souvenir.

For more information about Toshichi Onsen hot springs, please visit here (Japanese only).