Sunset from Bridge for Couples in Love, Izumozakimachi, Niigata Prefecture

It’s Echigo Izumozaki “Tenryo no sato” in Izumozakimachi, Niigata Prefecture (one of “michi no eki”, a road side store offering mainly local products.) The “yunagi no hashi (bridge of evening calm)” is a location thought to be flowing mystical energy; if you chain the parapet of the bridge and padlock it, your love will be fulfilled. People call it “bridge for couples in love” now. Izumozaki is the nearest town on the Sea of Japan coast from Tokyo. I shall go to the bridge with my special person…

Is there any place like this in Tohoku? It could be matchmaking kan-non at Entsuin Temple or Wakamatsudera Temple. If anyone knows more or have recommendations, please let us know!

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