Tohoku is on itinerary for foreigners for the first time after the disaster.

Tour groups from overseas are coming into Tohoku for the first time after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Seven day tour to Hokkaido, Tohoku and Tokyo organized by EGL, one of major travel companies in Hong Kong, will bring 30 tourists to Tohoku via Hokkaido whose itinerary covers Oirase mountain stream, Towada Lake, Genbi Gorge and Matsushima.

Another Hong Kong travel company, Zong Heng You, organizes five day tour “Tohoku big four festivals” in which 24 tourists is experiencing Aomori Nebuta, Akita Kanto, Yamagata Hanagasa, and Sendai Tanabata, all are major traditional festivals organized in summer.  They are also enjoying tours to Oirase mountain stream and Tazawa Lake during the tour from August 2nd through 6th.

More tourists are expected on July 25th from Korea, following re-opening of Sendai International Airport.One hundred and ten tourists flying in by charger flight are traveling in Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures.

In addition, Singapore Youth Ambassador for Tohoku, consisting of 100 Singaporean students, is coming to Tohoku to go round in three different courses from August 3rd to 8th, and a tour from Beijing in China also sends 100 visitors to this region.  Tohoku inbound tourism shows sign of recovery as summer arrives.