Tohoku Publicized to Hongkongers

International Travel Expo (ITE) 2012, the Hong Kong’s largest tourism exhibition that attract 80,000 visitors every year, was held from June 14 to 17.

Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization publicized attractive Tohoku to the public in Hong Kong at the Tohoku booth shared with Tohoku District Transport Bureau, seven prefectures in Tohoku and Sendai city government.
On the 14th, we jointly held a press conference with Hong Kong Office of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and Gunma Prefecture at the venue to prove the audience how safe Tohoku is by showing a radiation dose in the air in many places in Tohoku, which is lower than that in Hong Kong.

At business meetings with travel companies in Hong Kong scheduled during the exhibition, representatives of municipal governments and tourism facilities gave the latest information about Tohoku tourism and asked them to create tours to Tohoku through face-to-face negotiation.

We also participated in the Japan Travel Festival held at a downtown shopping center on 17th with Gunma Prefecture. While Yamagata Maiko dancing and Kitty entertained the shoppers, we publicized Tohoku tourism.