Tohoku Temples: Chusonji

Chusonji (中尊寺) was established in 820 A.D. after the fall of the Fujiwara Clan. The temple is connected to the Tendai sect of Buddhism. At one point the temple had dozens of buildings surrounding it but only two remain now. One of the buildings is the Konjikido (金色堂) unfortunately it cannot but photographed, but it is worth the trek up the small mountain to see it. Konjikido is covered in gold and it’s housed within a building to preserve it. Make Tohoku your next trip to Japan!

Access: With a JR Pass ride a two hour and 45 minute Tohoku Shinkansen to Ichinoseki and then ride the JR train to Hiraizumi Station.
Cost: ¥800 to see Konjikido.