Tourism Tohoku Boosted at NATAS Holidays in Singapore

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Tourism in Tohoku was promoted at NATAS Holidays 2011, the largest travel fair in Singapore from August 26 to 28.

The fact that 94% of Singaporeans hold passport evidences that they enjoy traveling abroad very often. The number of visitors from Singapore to Tohoku, once decreased following the March 11 earthquake, is picking up gradually. According to the sales of travel products reported by travel companies participated in the fair, Japan is ranked fifth among their favorite destinations.

At the Sendai/Tohoku booth, we were pleasantly surprised to welcome many frequent travelers to Japan who preferred individual travel, inquiring of detailed information such as if there is a hotel with kitchen that can accommodate a group available in Hirosaki or when the Kagura/Mitsumata ski resort opening will be announced, that the staff at the booth were not able to answer immediately. It assures that tours to Tohoku are firmly in demand.

Some visitors who have been to Sendai or Tohoku showed their concern about the present situations then were relieved to know the process of reconstruction. They smiled at us saying “we would like to go to Tohoku again.” Members of “Singapore Youth Ambassador to Tohoku” who visited Tohoku in early August also joined us at the booth. We sincerely appreciate encouragement and kind cooperation rendered by fellow Singaporeans.

Hokkaido is far and away the best among destinations in Japan and Aomori in Tohoku is just 2 hours from Hakodate by express train.
Those who are heading Hokkaido may want to extend their itineraries to visit Tohoku where they can find that cultures, scenery and food are uniquely different from that of Hokkaido.