Update from Fukushima Zone: Local Sake Tasting 2013, Fukushima City from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1

Following the last year’s success, it’s coming again this year!
Japanese sake lovers can’t wait for “Fukushima Jizake no Jin 2013”, which offers all brands from local sake breweries in Fukushima Prefecture together with delicious specialties!

“Machinaka Hiroba” in Fukushima City is a venue, where a specially pitched tent with heaters will protect visitors from rain, snow and cold weather.
Buy one of small sake cups also created locally; Oborisoma-yaki for 1,200 yen, Aizu Guinomi for 1,200 yen, Aizu Hongo-yaki for 1,200 yen and Janome Choko for 600 yen, and enjoy sake in it!

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