“Visit Japan Tohoku” for Tohoku Recovery

The Tohoku District Transport Bureau and the Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization are jointly implementing the project of “Visit Japan for Tohoku Recovery 2011” as part of Visit Japan District Projects.

In this project, we invited 31 travel agents and 18 media representatives from Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the U.S. among major foreign markets.

The party was divided into four groups and went on different familiarization tours respectively from February 3. We believe that offering them an opportunity to experience Tohoku as it is helps them understand the state of security and safety here as well as promote attractive tourism resources and tour plans to their customers.

During this period, we arranged business meetings for overseas travel agents of each tour group and tourism professionals in Tohoku, then held a general meeting on February 7 for all participants to gather. At meetings, trade representatives from Tohoku visited each booth set up by country to explain and give information on tourist spots in Tohoku.

Two of the four familiarization tours are still on and all are scheduled to be back on February 9.

We hope participating travel agents who have experienced the present Tohoku will realize that it is safe for them to send tourists, which will help attract more foreign tourists to Tohoku.