Visit to the Famous “Oyster House” in Matsushima

DSC_0523Every year, people line up for the “Oyster House” in Matsushima, where offers grilled fresh oysters on the shell.

As oyster farms were seriously damaged by the March 11 tsunami, the produce decreased sharply. They had doubts about the opening of the business this year.

However, it managed to open in time backed by the producers who worked hard in order to meet the demands of customers.

DSC_0530Unusually, it opens only Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays with one course menu and reservation is a must. Yet, many people sitting around grilles with a pile of oysters on it enjoyed the fruits of the season in winter in Matsushima when I visited.

The course allows you to eat as much oysters as you can in 50 minutes, which comes with oyster rice and a bowl of soup.

Staff at each grill advises you the right timing for tasting oysters as well as how to shell oysters. The moment they added plenty of oysters by shovel on the grill wildly, customers cheered out loud.
I was fully satisfied physically and emotionally by tasting oysters and watching the performance with other people around the grill.

The oyster house opens until January 29 (Sun.), 2010, and business in February is subject to oyster produce.

For reservation and inquiries, please call 022-354-2618, Matsushima Tourists Association.