[Wanko-soba] How Many Bowls Can You Eat? Shiro has … – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 50

I recommend wanko-soba!
As usual, we asked local girls what they recommend as an Iwate specialty?
“Wanko-soba!” the local girls echoed.
“That’s extremely famous buckwheat noodle”, Shiro commented.
“Can you perform in front of the camera?” They accepted spontaneously. Thank you!


When you stop eating wanko-soba, that is the time to end this journey.
Their recommendation “wanko-soba” is served in small bowls continuously until you are really full. Same as yesterday, we came to “Yabu-ya Hanamaki So-honten” again and let Shiro challenge.
“When I stop eating wanko-soba, that is the time to practically end this journey”, Shiro said. As you can guess, this is the last issue.
Shiro was eating wanko-soba to show appreciation to Local Girls. How many bowls did he finish? To find it out, watch the video here!

≪Smile While Traveling in Tohoku – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 50≫

Not losing to the rain, not losing to the wind, Heisei’s Sendai Shiro continued traveling and reporting. He ended his trip in Kenji Miyazawa’s hometown Hanamaki safely. We thank all the local girls who pleasantly cooperated with us! We thank YOU who have followed us here till the last issue! And to Shiro, a man passionately kept collecting smiles and “Like It!” of local girls by visiting through Tohoku, can you join our crew in saying “well done!”


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