Wine Festival in Harvest Season!

DSC_0164[1]I participated in Asahi-machi Wine Festival where a lot of people enjoyed a local specialty “Asahi-machi Wine” with BBQ in the open air.

We were worried about unsettled weather till the day before but blessed with fine weather on the day.

Visitors going through the reception desk were armed with meat and vegetables as well as plate and cutlery, then settled around a barbecue pit, prepared at the venue, by family or group of friends,

Besides red, white and rosé wine, grape juice was ready for children and non-drinkers. Participants traveled back and forth between the barrel with a cup, it was also provided, to enjoy variety of drinks.

Vienna sausages made of ostrich were on the plate. Low in fat and calorie, they were appreciated by all for its light taste.

Shuttle services between the venue and JR Aterazawa Station made our travel easy. As the return shuttle went to JR Sagae Station via JR Aterazawa Station, we could enjoy Sagae Festival held on the same day.

In the harvest season, you must have a good appetite.
Why not add wines specially produced in Tohoku to not only your dinner table but wherever you go.