With Signs of Autumn Approaching, Visit a Museum in Bandai Highlands

DSC00732_RNoticing subtle signs of autumn approaching to Hohoku in early September, I visited Morohashi Museum of Modern Art in Fukushima (Kitashiobara-mura, Yama-gun), which holds many of artworks by Salvador Dali, Spanish versatile painter and one of the greatest artists in the 20th century.


The museum owns Dali’s 340 artworks including painting, sculpture and print, collected by Mr. Teizo Morohashi, founder of Xebio Co., Ltd. (HQ in Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture) for over 20 years and it’s ranked equally with its counterparts in Spain and the U.S.

Entering the dignified building suggestive of old western castle, sculptures in a group appeal powerfully to welcome visitors in the taut atmosphere.

Following the March 11 earthquake, the museum had been forced to close its doors temporarily for safety reasons. It is fortunate that the building and artworks were not damaged. Some of Dali’s sculptures are sensitive to tremor that require splints as preventive measures. Devotion and passion for art of the staff as well as efforts made by them are always behind the exhibits.

A café facing a charming garden at the entrance is ideal for you to relax without hassle.

Its official site is a must check in advance as you can download an “internet discount ticket”. Guidebook of Dali’s works (printed version is available at the museum) is also downloadable online.

“Impressionist and the great masters of the 20th century” including Chagall’s “Place du Tertre” (first public exhibition) is on from June 25 to November 30. Open daily during the exhibition.

Official site of Morohashi Museum of Modern Art (English pages available)

Access: 20 minutes from IC of Inawashiro Bandaikogen of Bandai Express