World Gathered in Sendai for Tohoku Tourism Recovery

IMG_5717On October 5, Special International Symposium on the Revitalization of Japan’s Tourism Sector and Quake Affected Regions was jointly organized by World Tourism Organization UNWTO, Japan Tourism Agency, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to aid the recovery and revitalization of tourism in the Tohoku region.

At the Symposium, representatives from each prefecture in Tohoku made presentations on measures for tourism recovery, and international organizations and groups such as UNWTO as well as trade professionals from earthquake affected regions joined the panel discussion.

At the closing of the symposium, all participants confirmed that it is significant for them to share correct information and the lessons learnt from the tragedy regarding tourism with the rest of the world in order to wipe out damages caused by rumors as soon as possible.

*UNWTO is a specialized agency of the United Nations in the field of tourism.