[Yakiniku in Morioka] Japanese Beef Kalbi at Sanzenri Restaurant – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 47

My favorite BBQ house
Today, we asked two local girls, who are running around while screaming because of the crew, more specifically Shiro’s appearance (we fully understand…), what they recommended among Morioka’s specialities.
“BBQ house”, local girls echoed.

Actually, well-known cold noodles derived from “yakiniku”, barbecued meat. Residents with Korean background introduced cold noodles and yakiniku here and spread yakiniku culture.

Top recommended menu is “Japanese beef kalbi”
We need to taste that for reporting.
Shiro came to “Sanzenri” as recommended by the local girls.
Top recommended menu by the restaurant is “Japanese beef kalbi.”
“I’m eating BBQ now, so tasty!”
Shiro’s comment tells it’s genuinely delicious.

Famous restaurants for cold noodles also serve fantastic BBQ meat!
In her case, it’s here. To know more, watch the video
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