Tohoku Tourism ready to Take-Off to the World with the Newly Created Logo!

A unified logo is ready to use! To invite foreign tourists from every corner of the world to Tohoku, all colleagues in the tourism industry in Tohoku can now use the logo for promotional activities.
The logo can be downloaded from the following link for free. Please utilize it to raise awareness of and promote Tohoku Tourism to the world.
Download (JPEG, AI data ZIP file)
Please refer to the Design Manual before use.

Design Concept
■Name in Japanese: 日本東北(Nippon Tohoku)
■Name in English: Treasureland TOHOKU-JAPAN
■Tag line:Depicting tourist attractions in Tohoku as treasures, there is an addition of the term, “Tresureland”, which means “Tohoku is a land of treasures.”
* “Treasure” also means “loved person”, “to value highly” and “to hold (memories) or remember”.
* “Treasureland” can be replaced with different combinations of season-related words representing each prefecture.
Example: SAKURA × SNOW

Phoenix is used as a motif that represents the vital force inherited in Tohoku since the dawn of time and symbolizes the triumph over the adversity after the earthquake.
The Phoenix tail consists of seven different colors to link six prefectures in Tohoku and Niigata Prefecture with the main aspects of the region such as nature.