Sendai Tanabata Festival

It is a grand festival representing the Tohoku region, boasting a 400-year tradition. The Tanabata decorations coloring the whole city hold wishes for longevity and bountiful harvests of fish.


Hanagasa Festival

During this festival symbolizing Yamagata, participants dance to the “Hanagasa Dance Song” as they walk the streets of the city. Watching the float at the front of the parade is a must.


Akita Kanto(Lantern) Festival

Over 250 “Kanto” (lantern-bearing bamboo poles) and approximately 10,000 paper lanterns look like ears of rice on a stalk, and completely cover the large streets. Be sure to pay attention to the feats of the Kanto carriers who switch the positions of the Kanto from their foreheads to their hips.


Aomori Nebuta Festival

This festival, representative of Japan, energizes the nighttime streets with “Nebuta,” giant dolls of Kabuki actors, and “Haneto,” giant dolls of dancing girls.


Morioka Sansa Odori

Over 30,000 residents of Morioka dress up in yukata and walk the city as they dance to the sound of 13,000 Taiko drums and 2,000 flutes. Anyone can freely participate in the “Wa dance.”


Soma Wild Horse Chase

It is a Shinto ritual that takes place every year over the space of three days. In particular, the “Skirmish for the Flags of the Gods Battle” in which Samurai clad in armor scramble for two flags is very powerful.