700-kilometer long Michinoku Shiokaze (sea breeze) Trail leads off to the coast (2015 Tohoku Sightseeing Topics)



“Michinoku Shiokaze Trail” is one of the “Green Recovery Projects”, operated by the ministry of environment in order to support the recovery of the area that was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is a 700-kilometer long trail course that lies on the coastline of Tohoku where you can enjoy the dynamic sceneries of the Pacific Ocean.

This long trail course begins in Kabushima, Hachinohe city, Aomori prefecture and sews its way through Ipponmatsu, Rikuzentakada city, Iwate prefecture and Ishinomaki city, Miyagi prefecture, one of the major sources of seafood in Japan, and ends in Matsukawaura, Soma city, Fukushima prefecture. The construction of the trail is done for the first 100 kilometers from Hachinohe city to Kuji city, Iwate prefecture, and the 50 kilometers from Shinji town, Fukushima prefecture, to Soma city. Preparation in other areas for construction is starting. Now let us move on to the wonderful spots found in the 100 kilometers between Hachinohe and Kuji.

Passing through Sanriku Fukkou National Park on the trail course are amazing sceneries of all colors such as huge sunken rocks and the beautiful rias coastline. It is not only on the coastline where amazing sceneries can be seen. The climbing course at Hashikami-dake (mountain side) is worth checking out.

Out of numerous beautiful sceneries, the coastline in Hachinohe has a big number of amazing spots.

‘Kabushima’ was registered as a national natural monument for being the only place in Japan where people can observe black-tailed gulls breed. Every year, approximately forty thousand black-tailed gulls come to Kabushima as spring begins to approach. Around the time of the spawning season, yellow flowers of turnip, the origin of the name ‘Kabushima’, begin to bloom and create a beautiful contrast with the white of black-tailed gulls. ‘Kabushima Festival’ is held at Kabushima Temple every year on the third Saturday and Sunday in April with black-tailed gulls flying around.

What amazed a number of great writers was ‘Tanesashi coast’, which lies from Kabushima to O-kuki. The coexistence of the sandy beach that lies from Shimokita Peninsula and the rigorous sight of the rias coastline creates scenery that changes every time. On the 12-kilometer coast are various signs of nature such as sandy beach with singing sand, peculiar rocks and natural lawns. Tanesashi coast is known also for having plants with different habitats and day lily and rugosa rose available to see every season.

Reference Michinoku Shiokaze Trail Official Website

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